Ikut hati,MATI

the feeling of loneliness comes around..

i miss my family so much..those who never fail to love me..

For now, i want to live for them. To give my life to the fullest, only for their happiness..

Mama,abah, i wont let you down..i wont..kakak nk belajar betul2..kakak janji.

oh Allah, i miss them so much..
i want to be a good daughter & a good servant of Yours..


Ya Allah, berikan aku secebis kasih sayangMu, kegembiraan & kerahmatanMu..

p/s:niat di hati nak buat blog baru: A journey of a street smart girl. Tapi nmpaknye belum layak utk itu.


ixora said...

good luck syazzy!
u go girl!hehe~

MiJaH said...

be strong lang..i have faith in u!

zo said...

shazzy..update sket perkembangan sekarang..dah kat sana ke masih kat msia lagi..

wolverine said...
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Ifa said...

Hye Syaz!!Takpe rindu,biase la tu, jauh kan.Take care yunk!